Our Mission

is to be a seamless solution for reliable sourcing of rental equipment, materials, and supplies. We focus on eliminating waste in the construction industry and do so by being subject matter experts delivering safe, cost-efficient, and consistent outcomes for our construction partners. Our customer service is built on our professionalism differentiated by our reliability, expertise, and an unmatched desire to equip builders with innovative solutions that lead to industry-changing achievements.

Our Offerings

RPI Rentals offers a variety of equipment for rent - from tower cranes and heavy equipment to pressure washers and negative air machines, and more. We also hold Nationwide first-call agreements, national account pricing agreements, and consumable agreements with national suppliers that allow us to offer competitive rates on top-tier products. We offer:

  • Tower Cranes & Man/Material Hoists
  • Backhoes, Excavators, & Crawler Dozers
  • Concrete Equipment
  • Track Loaders & Skid Steers
  • Climate Control Equipment
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Welders, Cutting Torches, and Tank Carts
  • Scaffolding Systems
  • Jobsite Storage & Transportation
  • Perimeter Protection Systems
  • ICRA Equipment & More

In addition to rental equipment, we also sell all types of construction supplies, apparel, office supplies and equipment, construction-related signage, safety equipment and PPE, small tools, and more.